Victoria Cullia

Pos Senior Conveyancer


Victoria is a competent, effective and passionate property conveyancer, able to assist clients with the purchase and sale of a property, subdivision and development matters.

Victoria coordinates the successful settlement of purchases and sales of property and has solid knowledge and experience in the electronic conveyancing platform of PEXA.

Victoria’s ability to communicate in simple language and to explain the many processes involved in the purchase and sale of a property, are attributes respected and appreciated by all our clients including many repeat clients.

Victoria has over 10 years’ previous experience in the lending department of a major bank. For the past 7 years as a Senior Conveyancer of the Firm, Victoria has represented and supported clients from the start of their journey of “thinking of buying or selling” through to “picking up or handing over the keys”.

Areas of expertise

Property Purchases

Victoria will guide clients through a step-by-step process when considering the purchase of a new property on:

  •  Detailed Contract Review
  • Advice about finance and timing of loans
  • Building Inspections and pest inspections
  • Deposit and Settlement periods
  • Vacancy issues
  • Caveat Lodgement
  • Plan understanding, and if applicable, easements, covenants and other encumbrances
  • Owner Corporation considerations

Upon the successful purchase of a property, Victoria will guide the client on finance timing and preparation for the settlement of the new property. She informs the client of the tasks to be completed at every stage of the process, to ensure the client is well prepared for the settlement.

Property Sales

As a Vendor, clients have strict disclosure and due diligence requirements; Victoria will ensure Contract documents are thorough and comprehensive for a smooth sale process.

Victoria regularly communicates with clients to ensure tasks required by the client are completed in a timely manner and clients are well prepared for the settlement of the property sale.


Victoria together with our Property Team have a comprehensive knowledge of planning permits, SPEAR and the subdivision lodgement process and can work with a client’s development team to register building Plans.

Property Transfers

Victoria can assist in the transfer of a property for survivorship, transfer between spouses in family law matters, name corrections, transfer to executors or beneficiaries.